New Spinning Setup

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Crusty Mono
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New Spinning Setup

Postby Crusty Mono » Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:18 am


I am new to this forum.

I currently have seven rod/reel combos for bass fishing. Here they are:


7' XH Fast w/ 7.3:1 reel and 50 lb braid

7'3" MH Fast w/ 7.0 reel and 30 lb braid

7'3" MH Fast w/ 7.3:1 reel and 15 lb flouro

7'1" MH Fast w/ 6.3:1 reel and 15 lb flouro

7'1" M Mod w/ 7.3: reel and 10 lb mono


7' M Fast w/ 1500 size reel and 15 lb braid w/ leader

Cheap 6'6" M Mod w/ 4500 size reel and 30 lb braid w/ leader

I am looking into another spinning setup. I mainly use my spinning rod when i fish. I switch between the drop shot, a 3.8" Paddle Tail, and a wacky/neko rig. I hate having to retie, especially when i am using line to line knots with braid. My spinning setup costs $200 and most of my casting setups are around $300 (100 for rod/175 for reel/25 for line) with the exception of my $300 Daiwa Zillion, which I got on sale. I am only 16, without a source of income at the moment. I am looking for a job in the near future. I am a firm believer in buying quality gear, but without getting excessive. My casting setups work great and cover all the techniques i fish most. I fish from shore and boat equally, and sometimes fish small tournaments.

I am looking into adding another spinning setup to my list. My nicer of the two current setups is great for the small swimbaits and wacky rigs.I want to buy a dropshot specific setup. I am looking at two rods and several reels. I am between the Powell Max 3D
7' MH for $100 or the 13 Envy for $150. I have been looking at several reels. I like the Stradic Ci4+ the most. That is quite expensive though. For 170 on TW, I can get the 4400 size (9 oz). I may be able to find a 25 or 30 somewhere else. Then, I have looked at the Greed GT and the NASCI. I really really like the Ci4+ it is very costly though. add 150 for the rod and 20 for the line and taxes, then its almost 400. I am willing to work in order to get it though.

My question

Is the 13 Envy $50 better? Am i better off waiting to get that?

Is a 7' mh max 3d a good drop shot rod?

Is the ci4 that much better

I could get two setups of a tourney zx from cabbalas and a greed gt for the same price as the envy and ci4

what do you think i should do?


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Jason Penn
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Re: New Spinning Setup

Postby Jason Penn » Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:03 pm

hi & welcome!

i use spinning purely for feel/bottom contact baits, so i would spend more on the rod than the reel. if you're comfortable fishing braid/leader (i'm not) the smaller reels will work just fine. i've used straight fc on a 2000-size daiwa and didn't have too many problems, but 2500 + would be a better choice.

Triton Man
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Re: New Spinning Setup

Postby Triton Man » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:30 pm

I have a couple Envy spinning rods and think you should be happy with the sensitivity of them for the sale price of $150. I have not fished a Powell rod for comparison though.

I just purchased my first Ci4+ and it is quite nice but like the previous post said, spend more on the rod especially for lighter baits. I have a few Stradic fk reels and have been seeing them on Ebay for under $140 new, sometimes under $130 but they're just as nice as the Ci4+ with a little more weight. They balance better on the Envy though. The Ci4+ is so light that they don't balance out too many rods. You can look at ebay for a Ci4+ but they have been going for $180 it seems.

Otherwise, I've checked out the NASCI and it seems hard to beat at $100. Plus you can probably wait and find a sale to get $10 or $20 off of that even. I know Gander Mtn has been running some 20% off anything sales or $20 off $100 which is the same at that price. I've looked at the Creed GT but the NASCI is smoother to me. You could get the Creed and line from Gander Mtn to get to that $100 mark to get $20 off during one of those sales. And, no, I have no affiliation with Gander Mtn, I just shop there often enough to know their sales. Buy it from where ever you get the best sale or opportunity or your favorite local shop.

So an Envy with NASCI, taxes and line for a bit over $250 and you shouldn't have much to complain about.

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Re: New Spinning Setup

Postby darrin » Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:22 am

I am total agreement with the others. Put your money into a good rod. The Powell MH is not a drop shot rod, at least for most of us. When I think drop shot, mostly it's in deep water and with fairly light line (unless I'm on the CA Delta). The Envy is nice, but you could also go 13 Muse Gold, Tatula or Cronos. Lots of choices and you could spend even more if you like. I like Pflueger President reels. $60, silky smooth drag and comes with a spare spool, too. Don't get hooked on price alone.

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