replacing foregrip on MB LWL and C40

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replacing foregrip on MB LWL and C40

Postby bigfruits » Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:41 am


I have a Megabass LWL Mephisto and the way i palm the reel has my index finger on the foregrip and unfortunately its a bit uncomfortable. I can turn it just right so my finger sits in one of the bottom triangles of the "claw" when using a Metanium. It feels OK but I dont have much options to move my index finger at all. When I have the reel i intended to use on it, its way too uncomfortable in my hands. I hold the reel differently than most people and have smaller hands.

What part could i use to replace the foregrip? Looking for something thinner in black or gunmetal about the same length as the claw that fits the Fuji threads.

Also, do you think all of the guides have to be removed to slide the claw out and add new foregrip? Is the part even called a foregrip?

Never was really a big fan of the look of the foregrip and I really love the feel of this rod so im willing to invest a bit in it. I know its not "worth" it.


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