Rod sensitivity subjective?

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Re: Rod sensitivity subjective?

Postby Randingo » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:20 am

Tokugawa wrote:This has been discussed a lot here. Unfortunately it not as simple as one makes it. You can set up a vibratory excitation and measure the output on the other end of the blank simply enough, but that is not the entire equation. Say you go 10 Hz to 10000 Hz. What frequencies are important to bite detection? Bottom composition? And what type of excitation should you use? Sine? Sawtooth? Random? Something else? What approximates the fishing experience most accurately? What has more influence - slew rate or magnitude?

And just like audio - some people hear or feel better and differently than others.

I'm with you. You can set up a test that measures some form of sensitivity, but you can't set up a test that measures it in a meaningful way. And the audio analogy works really well. Just like the majority of fishermen will talk about diminishing to nonexistent gains between affordable and enthusiast gear, most people think Bose systems sound great, while audiophiles know better.

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Re: Rod sensitivity subjective?

Postby Obz » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:51 am

I thought the test in the video was pretty solid, at least for bottom contact rods. The rod that could detect the lightest weight dropped from the shortest distance wins. With bottom contact you are trying to detect subtle changes. It's not that complicated. With a cranking rod measuring frequency would be more important than with a bottom contact because the bait shaking. If someone really wanted to put the time in you could mimic a signal that is produced by bottom contact or moving baits. The rod that transmits those signals the best wins. You would use a sine wave. Other waveforms are such as square, sawtooth, and triangle are byproducts of rectification. Yes there are a ton of variables but are the other test TT fool proof? Probably not.

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