Daiwa Aegis - Drag not clicking

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Daiwa Aegis - Drag not clicking

Postby Bigguy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:11 pm

Over the winter I picked up a Daiwa Aegis (TW sale price sucked me in). I have been out with it two or three times and the drag does not (and has never) clicked. The drag works. I have set the hook and it does not slip. I have hooked anything big, but I did hook a medium sized pickerel (not the target species) and loosened the drag as much as necessary to let the fish test it out. The drag works but does not click.

Does this need to be fixed? I have a couple good trips / tournaments coming up and don't want to miss fish due to a broken drag. :crying:

Any thoughts / experience / help would be appreciated.

BTW - other than the drag click issue - its pretty sweet reel.

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Re: Daiwa Aegis - Drag not clicking

Postby poisonokie » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:32 pm

I've never seen this, but maybe it isn't designed to in order to make it as smooth as possible. Is the inside of the spool notched all the way around? If it is you're missing a clicker spring. I did have one daiwa reel that was missing a part from the factory, so I know it's possible.

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