Braid that casts well without digging in

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Re: Braid that casts well without digging in

Postby LowRange » Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:44 am

There's Fireline and Fireline Braid. Both are braids with Fireline being a horribly braided 2+ carriers made from fused carriers braided with very few weaves per inch and Fireline Braid is more conventional braid with a high density of weaves per inch. Run you hands across some fresh Fireline. That spiral texture you feel is the braiding. There is also some variation in the number of carriers being used with Fireline Original. For example #14 Fireline Original I used to use had 4 carriers but have seen fewer on lighter pound test. It's odd stuff.

Fireline Original. You can clearly lazy weave and where the 3 carriers have separated.


Fireline Braid. Move densely woven and cylindrical.


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Re: Braid that casts well without digging in

Postby ScoobyDoo » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:40 am

Hogsticker2 wrote:
ScoobyDoo wrote:
LowRange wrote:A highly cylindrical (round) braid will be less likely to dig in than one that is not. I'd recommend staying away from 4 carrier braids in the #30 test and opt for a quality 8 carrier braid, of which there are many to choose from. I use Sufix 832 and Daiwa J-Braid and have no dig-in related complaints.

Hogsticker2 wrote:The absolute worst I've ever used was Fireline. Of course that's a fused line.

It's actually a terrible 4 carrier braid. I believe the fused nature of the line is the fusing of the fibers within each carrier. The finished product is a 4 carrier braid with a horrible low density per inch weave that allows the line to be very malleable and commonly unwinds over time producing a line with 4 stands laying side by side. I fished the stuff for years before I discovered better braids. I always thought the durability of the fused strands was very good and it is unfortunate they were not able to weave it into a more densely woven product. ... adwork.jpg

Fireline is a braid?????? I must have gotten a few thousand yards of a limited edition non woven version

Fireline does have a braid. The original I use to use back in the day is indeed a fused line.

Yup. I love the original Tracer braid. 40lb pound breaks at close to 70 with a bimini. And is tough as nails. Spent years and miles of that line pulling 30lb plus fish out of demolished bridge rubble in current using 40-80lb.

To this day I never found a more durable braid.

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Re: Braid that casts well without digging in

Postby progressive816 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:17 pm

Dig-ins are going to happen. Jacking a fish on a Hooksett while flippin, snag, etc. Also depends on speed your reel lays down the line (levelwind), width of your spool, and how you are packed. For example, I don't have issue with line dig on resistance lures as there is tension coming back, but for flipping and pitching, I encounter it frequently. The slight dig is not much an issue on the flip or pitch due to use of heavier lure (ie: 1/2-1oz weights) trajectory.
Pb-LMB 6lb7oz

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Re: Braid that casts well without digging in

Postby zodiak311 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:26 am

I use a few brands, but 30lb Tuf Line has never let me down.

I dont know how many carriers it has, or if it is tightly interwoven by the delicate fingers of an endangered species of monkeys, from the Amazonian rain forest.

It works, it's cheap, and low maintenance. Check out the reviews on this stuff.
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Re: Braid that casts well without digging in

Postby Mike and Pike » Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:06 am

ScoobyDoo wrote:I never had a problem with dig ins.

From 5oz bfs setups to 20+oz reels throwing rigs well over 100 yards

It all comes down to spooling tight initially....

This. And very tight on anything below 20lb.
Snags also need to be dislodged pulling with your hand in front of the reel as opposed to using the reel to pull out a snag. I cringe every time I see a guy trying to use rod and reel to pull big trebles from a stump.

mark poulson
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Re: Braid that casts well without digging in

Postby mark poulson » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:17 am

I switched to Stren Super Braid when it first came out because it was supposed to stay round.
I used to use Power Pro, but it dug in all the time.
I get much less digging in with Stren.
I think they call it Sonic Braid now. To me, it's just Super Braid with a different label.

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Re: Braid that casts well without digging in

Postby Prancing Pony » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:56 am

Berkley Trilene braid, anyone? Its radial construction looks fascinating

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