Thin, Limp and Strong

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Thin, Limp and Strong

Postby goldrod » Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:57 am

I went out today for a few hours.. 3 to be exact.
I decided on keeping my Lami 735 and for now have it paired up with an aldebaran 7.
I was using floro for some shakey heads ( Man it was a pleasure today fishing shakey heads on this setup) with a jewel baits
jeff Kriet Squirrel head and I caught fish but I think that the line 12# floro was too old or something. Anyways I stripped it off and Looking for a new line, copo or whatever you got long as its thin, limp and strong.
I will be gone for 3 days but I need to be able to get some by friday night. What do you recommend and why?
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Re: Thin, Limp and Strong

Postby DirtyD64 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:42 pm

Well I was reading and felt I might could help, I trade and try all kinds of line with tournament friends and take their leftovers that they strip off reels after season ends...

For fluoro I love HiSeas Quattro camo 100% fluorocarbon (not the copoly/mono), go a size smaller though, it is thicker but strong, and I swear all the dye makes the line more limp. I use 10lb instead of 12 or 8 where I would usually use 10.
Don't really use much mono or braid, always use Sufix832 or anything 17lb+ for topwater shock leaders (concerning mono)

Another fluoro that is great is obviously Sunline FC Sniper, it lasts me a while. P-Line Halo is strong but stiff, Invisx is limp, thin, great casting, but a little stretchy/soft and not as strong.

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