Nanobraid, Gliss opinions

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Nanobraid, Gliss opinions

Postby Randingo » Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:55 am

I'm curious about what kind of experiences people have had with either of these two products, in particular in spinning applications. How is it better or worse than more traditional braids like 832 or Sunline SX-1? Is it more application specific, and if so, where does it really shine? Thanks.

Brad in Texas
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Re: Nanobraid, Gliss opinions

Postby Brad in Texas » Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:53 am


I've made several observations regarding Sufix Nanobraid, too, I have fished Berkley Nanofil.

I like Nanofil; I love the Nanobraid.

I am using the 2 lbs. test and it is only one-thousandths of an inch in diameter, said to be 3X as strong as others in its class.

Take a look over on the Ultralight forum for all the details.

*** All I have heard about Gliss is that it works well in some test strengths, but it should be used in open water only as it fails easily if it rubs up against structure.


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Re: Nanobraid, Gliss opinions

Postby Canga- » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:56 am

i have been using nanobraid for 2 years now, since it was originally available at cabelas (in 6, 8 and 10lb tests) and used gliss last year (in 18 and 24lb tests).

i have not had any issues with nanobraid, it casts well, is not super loud through the guides, and has been durable for me. as to be expected with its small diameter, it doesn't have very good abrasion resistance, but i usually use a leader anyways. i have used this line for everything from the ned rig to small cranks to drop shots, and for smallies, walleyes, panfish, etc. have no issues with nanobraid, it is spooled up on almost all of my reels. switched over to nanobraid mostly from 832 (a couple reels has power pro super slick) and have not looked back.

gliss started off good, the 18lb green was strong, smooth, cast great, but after a few months of use it turned around. first issue was it started getting very fuzzy and fraying, and after cutting quite a bit off it kept doing it. both 18 and 24lb did this, and it made tying knots difficult, the line almost separated into many many strands. i still have some 24lb pink gliss on one reel, but i dont think it will be there when the season starts. i have a brand new spool of 24lb green hanging on the wall and i will probably use that untill the fraying starts. (and the fraying is not a guide issue, both rods that used that line have torzites, with no problems with the guides)

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