Custom Crankbait List

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Custom Crankbait List

Postby The Doc » Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:26 am

This was on the old forum before the wipeout. I fish 95% wood baits so almost every one listed is gonna be wood. I don't remember every single maker posted, but I'll start the list with a few of my favorites:

Custom Lures Unlimited:

TC Cranks:

Daves Custom Baits:

Jawjacker Lures:

Thunder Baits Unlimited:

Tennessee Tuffy:

C-Flash/Wally G crankbaits:

Tim Earick cranks:
Youtube link for baits and contact info:

Brian's Bee's crankbaits:

Craig Powers Crankbaits:

Richard Manley cranks. Home of the original "Luv Plug"

Big M Baits:
Search for "Marty Burns" on TU.

WEC Crankbaits: or both carry Ed Chamber's crankbait line.
There are a few more that I actively search out and buy if and when I find them. Here are the baits that are not being made anymore that I am always on the search for:

Calvin Johnson modified crankbaits
Mike Estep crankbaits
FD Sparrow crankbaits (Japanese luremaker with an "old school" style of building them. His blog: you gotta use a translator to read it in english.

Anyone else that has a favorite handmade lure maker feel free to chime in (yes this means you, Stringjam!)
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Re: Custom Crankbait List

Postby mrbassky1 » Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:49 am

My favorites

Lazer Lures


Wee Baits
available at

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Re: Custom Crankbait List

Postby bmadd » Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:47 am

I haven't really been on the board since the crash but I started looking for the old list and found this post. I'll had some builders to the list that I like and some others that I know and maybe haven't tried.

Sonny MacFarland- Flat Shad Baits

Pete Reynolds- maker of the original "little Petey"

Bobby Kelley

John Mills (whittler)- his baits are pvc, but good baits

Stanford Lures

Suddeth Crankbaits-foam baits

Catching Concepts Lures-ebay

Mimic Lures- kstooks on ebay

There are plenty more I am leaving out. I'll try to add more when I think of them and would love to see this thread made a sticky again.

Craig Cole is his name I believe- Nomad Lures

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