Deep Diving Super Shad Rap

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Deep Diving Super Shad Rap

Postby Marcos82 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:06 am

Rapala is my favorite lure manufacturer. I love those lures, I have a lot and will be always their #1 fan. Its a manufacturer that has a huge variety of lure, which is just excellent but I dont understand how they dont do a deep running version of the super shad rap and a big (14cm/18cm) version of the Tail Dancer.

Both lures are excellent for casting and trolling, but the SSR doesnt dives deep enough for some trolling conditions. I would love that same lure but with a larger lip. On the other hand, the Tail Dancer has an excellent action, but because of the size, I cannot use it big fish trolling.

Does somebody know if they are planning to do such lures?

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