Daiwa Iprimi rod and other thoughts.

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Daiwa Iprimi rod and other thoughts.

Postby Alphahawk » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:21 am

I recently purchased a Daiwa Iprimi 6' 5" solid tip area trout rod. After ordering from two places and both orders were canceled I was ready to give up but a forum member offered one up at a great price and like new condition. The rod is rated as light...but yet I would consider it ultra light. It is nothing like the Major Craft FineTail Banshee area trout rod in light action. This is probably due to the rod only having 88 percent carbon. The rod is advertised on the Japan website as being kid friendly.....so to speak. Which also lets me know that due to the lower graphite percentage it would be harder to break. Now having said all of that it fits a need for me. I have fished with this rod a couple of times. Since I have been fishing with all high end Ajing and Mebaru rods I was hoping for this rod to have somewhat similar sensitivity.....it does not, and I should have never thought that. I knew all along this rod could not match up to a 400 dollar rod. The rod has excellent fit and finish. The guides are Fuji SS frames and sic inserts.....there are a total of 9 guides including the tip top. Having caught crappie and trout......some of the trout were 15 inch browns..........I have to say it gives you all the fun you could want. I have been thinking long and hard how I wanted to set up this rod and with what reel. It is rated at 1/32 on the low end and while I would consider the casting as OK...it does not cast a 1/32 great. I have all my JDM reels setup with my other rods and had an older Pflueger Supreme XT on the shelf. I had the idea of spooling it up with 2# test NanoFil and putting it on the rod. The more I thought about it I decided that I never liked that reel and the rod deserved something better. So I ordered an Iprimi from Digitaka. I intend to make this a bluegill and stocker trout only rod. I like using NanoFil but it tied up one reel if I needed it for other line type. So now I will be able to keep the Iprimi reel loaded with the NanoFil. This will be the first reel I have purchased out of Japan that is not made in Japan. I have owned two Daiwa rods that were made in Vietnam and some Major Craft made in Vietnam and am very impressed with the quality...hoping the reels are made well also. With the NanoFil I will be able to cast the 1/64 Trout Magnet much better with this rod than 2# test mono. My reel should be here this week. This is a departure for me on my thinking toward purchasing JDM gear. I thought my mind was made up to only purchase high end gear. But I am going to try and look for what I call "sleeper rods". That would be rods at a lower price but still be far better than what I could purchase here. I will try a few and see how it goes. Am now searching for UL bass rods with a solid tip to try out. But am certainly not giving up on high end gear. Life is good!


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Re: Daiwa Iprimi rod and other thoughts.

Postby JB in SC » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:23 am

I'd be interested to see what you think of the Iprimi reel when it arrives, was it the 1003 or 2004?

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