MB Levante Part 2 : Stinger Shot

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MB Levante Part 2 : Stinger Shot

Postby Cal » Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:18 pm

MB Levante Part 2 : Stinger Shot


Introduction: Earlier, we took an in depth look at Megabass's new, "entry level" lineup in Levante with our review of the F5-72C Diablo. Diablo is perhaps their most popular model through each and every bass rod series. Of course, that's a casting model. The most popular model for Megabass in spinning is their F3-610S spec - give or take an inch or two in length. Of course, throw in that infamous stinger tip and you approach the spec of their most coveted spinning rod the Hedgehog Evoluzion. One would expect that in the Levante lineup, a standard F3-610S like the former Aaron Martens Limited would be enough, wouldn't it? Perhaps, but never one to take something like a rod specification lightly, Megabass has gone the extra mile and built the F3st-610S with a stinger tip within the Levante lineup. Let's find out how it stacks up!

Complete Article: http://tackletour.com/reviewmblevantatestingershot.html
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