Double the Protection? Simms ProDry Gloves

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Double the Protection? Simms ProDry Gloves

Postby Cal » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:35 am

Double the Protection? Simms ProDry Gloves


Introduction: With Simms when you hear the word “ProDry” then you know these garments represent the top of the line offering from the popular fishing apparel brand. Designed to pair with the company’s other premium foul weather gear garments the ProDry gloves are designed to keep you fishing contentedly in even the most adverse cold, windy, and wet conditions.

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Cal, Managing Editor
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Re: Double the Protection? Simms ProDry Gloves

Postby GOOD YEAR 71 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:32 am

Well written. Only wish I'd seen this review a few weeks back, had a day that left my knuckles throbbing for a week. That sucked. But for what it's worth you sold me.
'Gloves don’t fit all of our new rating categories so for the purposes of this review we had to revert back to our original test methodology and evaluate the gloves based primarily on our experiences in the field.' - Please count my vote in favor of such exercise. Numeric tally is effectively meaningless when it comes to bottom line. I'll take knowledgeably honorable interpretation 100% over a chart any day of the week. :-s

Best wishes 2017.

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