Fishing Jigz with the Z Man BatwingZ Trailers

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Fishing Jigz with the Z Man BatwingZ Trailers

Postby Cal » Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:14 pm

Fishing Jigz with the Z Man BatwingZ Trailers


Introduction: I will always remember my first jig fish. I was fishing a small tournament as a non-boater on the California Delta in 1998 and had NEVER caught a jig fish before. Why? Well, I really hardly ever used them! That day I caught several fish on a football jig—nothing big—but enough to give me some new confidence. From then on I started using them more and more and have since caught TONS of bass on them. Fast forward to today and jigs are one of my absolute favorite baits to throw. I've paired my jigs up with several types of trailers over the years, but they don't always last very long or stay on the hook very well. From a durability standpoint, the Z Man BatwingZ trailers look like they should have no problems withstanding a lot of abuse. I grabbed some new jigs and a bag of these trailers and hit the water to find out for myself!

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Re: Fishing Jigz with the Z Man BatwingZ Trailers

Postby cocolee » Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:35 am

My best double tail so far. I use it for chatterbait (trailer) and jighead and will it for dropshot this year.

I believe the wide tails are more visible than some similar lures and it attracts fish. Also, I am not worried about other small fish biting the tail because it is so durable.

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