Creature Fever : Huddleston's Huddlebug

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Creature Fever : Huddleston's Huddlebug

Postby Cal » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:38 pm

Creature Fever : Huddleston's Huddlebug


Introduction: Rarely does a manufacturer's name become synonymous with a single one of their products, but when you speak the name, "Huddleston" in bass fishing circles, any bass angler worth the salt in their Senko is going to think of an eight (8) inch soft plastic trout swimbait. Of course there are many variations to this same bait now and Huddleston even makes a couple of other baitfish profiles, but did you know they also make a crawfish imitator bait? It's taken us some time, but here now is our look at the diminutive two-and-three-quarter inch (2.75") Huddle Bug by Huddleston.

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