Big Rods, Heavy weights , Small baits

Is there any other species?
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Big Rods, Heavy weights , Small baits

Post by goldrod » Sun Jun 12, 2022 11:42 am

I’ve been contemplating this for a while. Most people think you have the go 1oz and higher but I’ve found in relatively sparse cover and dense pads but with holes in them I catch far more fish than the typical.

A couple of things I've found. 1, I dont always pegged my weight.. seems like that pegg just makes it get caught FAR MORE than unpegged. I mean its just ridiculous how often the pegged gets caught up over the unpegged and I'm certain that I dont miss any fish unpegged. IMHO it allows the baits to not penetrate the muck mush in the bottom of the lake. 1/4oz is my starting point and denpeding on cover I will go to 1/2 or heavier.

Its probably been said before but I only use lures that wiggle on the fall vice lures like beavers that dont.
for some reason, in the summer movement gets me bit when non movement doesnt. This is something i have discovered over time and I have accepted to be the truth of the whole matter.
I use speed craws or craw fathers MOSTLY.. in fact i have so much plastics stuff that are New in Pack i should just let go of cause I dont use it.

I've seen guys use baby brush hogs and lures of that sort but honestly they were pitching with 3/16th oz weight..
in my experience, i dont yo yo as much as I poke n' soak. I've caught more mud fish on a yo yo but more bass on the PNS than anything.. also, I use floro alot more than braid and I dont feel like I am missing out.

Hooks, some people think the haymaker hook is a waste of money and for me they work. Howvever this:

Ichikawa Fishing TS-3 Flippin' Hook is just a solid hook that come what may, you will get them. Now getting them to the boat is another thing that depends on you but if you should know that this hook has a slight curve to the point and you just stick the fish every single time.. I love the owner jungle hook but i would not have at least one rod without this hook

What are your experiences ?
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