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Show and Tell & Garage Bait Forum Guidelines

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:19 am
by Cal
Welcome to TackleTour's Show and Tell forum. This forum is provided as a place for discussion and display of all your tackle acquisitions. As with any open forum, a few guidelines need to be set in order to avoid misunderstandings and make the task of monitoring unauthorized posts a bit more clear.

Feel Free to Post:
1) That rare and exotic (or not so much) piece of tackle that inspires that smile upon your face
2) A piece of tackle that is in your sights for inevitable acquisition
3) The rare, exotic, tackle made of "unobtanium"

Please do not post:
1) If you have tackle for sale
2) Solicitations to message you for "more information" regarding product availability (no buying or selling)
4) Links to your personal websites (including photos with your watermark and website information on them)

If you're unsure whether or not your post will be ok, message a moderator for clarification before posting. reserves the right to remove any posts deemed inappropriate and to de-activate accounts of blatant or repeat violators.